Thursday, January 28, 2010


I took this picture during the monsoons and this happens to be one of my favourites.The ripples which are created when rain drops fall in the water-filled ditches are in-a-way very beautiful.Monsoons become my favourite season because of such beauties and the greenery all around..And Mumbai specially is blessed with abundant rains to keep the scenaries as they should be...This picture is also an attempt to capture that very emotion of monsoons...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Taken from a height in Mahabaleshwar,this picture of the landscape shows crystal clear blue water,high green mountains and strange light in the sky.The color contrast is splendid.


The main attraction in this picture is the mother monkey watching her two children playing.Nature and its wildlife indeed is beautiful.The background is plain which emphasises in the main subject.The photo was clicked in Mahabaleshwar.


Close up shot of the monkey man!!!This superb monkey kept us entertained in Lunavala with his splendid tricks and stunts..When i took out the camera to take a picture the monkey sat completely still as if posing for a photo shoot..


Close up of my favorite animal-A Dog..In this picture the eye of the dog is very innocent looking and holds a special kind of light..I captured this picture in the college itself which is the home for many a stray dogs...


Captured in Mahabaleshwar,this picture is one of my favourites.The zig zag pattern of the road which leads to the end of the cliff is something to look at.The mountains in the background are also important factors in this picture.


A lone fragile plant among those hard rocks,that is what that caught my attention...This picture was captured on Kharghar Hills...The green colour of the plant is enhanced in the surrounding of hard rocks...And it blooms out perfectly in rhyme with the stones...